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Semi-bespoke Tailoring

Our housestyles are inspired by Neapolitan tailoring with the best trimmings imported from Italy. We currently offer 3 housestyles designed by our partners but details are left for you to decide on.

Semi-bespoke Tailoring: Services

Our Housestyle


Extended Shoulder

With extended shoulder, our housestyle can offer the most balanced and masculine look. Especially for Asians with large head-to-shoulder ratio.


Classic Gorge Line

Classically designed gorge can be found in our housestyle, including the well-proportioned gorge height and curved line for the dynamic and natural look.


Extended Lapel Roll

Our jacket is fully canvassed with linen canvas from the best supplier in Italy. Complemented by our unique tweak in construction, our lapels can be fully rolled to the bottom.


Retracted Shoulder Seam

Our unique housecut also features fully retracted shoulder seam for a clean and firm shoulder line. With zero padding construction, our jacket can be done extremely soft yet drape with minimal armhole size for unrivaled comfort and range of movement.


Curved Side Dart

Our signature Neapolitan style with curved side dart for an undisturbed front with handsewn buttonholes and hand padded lapels for the best craftsmanship.


Italian Trimmings

Our jacket comes with canvas and horn buttons sourced from the best supplier in Italy.


Curvy Chest Pocket

A special curvy chest pocket is standardized, matching the style of our jacket.

Semi-bespoke Tailoring: Services
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