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Our housestyle

Dashing Style


Extended Shoulder

For most of the Asian (Same as me), we proportionally have a bigger head than Western people. A rationally extended shoulder is a way for adjusting the harmonious balance.

Also, even though we are doing extended shoulder, our clothes have minimized the shoulder pad (or even no pad, it depends on the material).

Curve Gorge

Lower and Curve gorge line are adopted in all of our clothes.


Higher Armhole

Higher Armhole can provide a larger moving space for the wearer, to ensure that all the customers feel comfortable wearing our suit.

Extended Front Dart

There are two options for you.

1. Extended Front Dart

2. No Front Dart

Inform us to know the reason why we use those cutting for our house style


Open Quarter

It is just our Owner personal preference.

Wider Lapel

We use a wider lapel width and open quarter to create the big 'X'. 

And also, our lapel are floating when button off.


High Waist Trouser Show you how sexy can a men be.

Too many words to say,
come to our shop and discuss.

Our House Style: Portfolio
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